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The "conscience" good thing in Watsons is neglected because of its low price, but it can r

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Note:   Girls always have a question when they take photos:How can they laugh so beautifully?Is it a smile or a grin?Porridg
  Girls always have a question when they take photos:How can they laugh so beautifully?Is it a smile or a grin?Porridge is a small editor of the idol drama,and porridge is very funny.They are always hot and full of vitality.Seeing their smiling faces,it seems that they are infected,and I can't help laughing!
  In fact,the girls who don't lose face and laugh beautifully are all clean and white teeth.We also want to laugh happily,but we can't escape the fate of yellow teeth and black teeth.Whether it is photography or exchange with people,it is always covered.A big yellow tooth is exposed from the inside of the mouth,and occasionally accompanied by bursts of bad breath.It is annoying and annoying to match.I just want to stay away!
  When looking at girls,we should pay attention to three points:hair,skin and teeth.There is no need to talk about the tension of beautiful appearance.It is not easy to have white and clean teeth.If you don't pay attention to the problems of yellow teeth,tooth stains and bad breath,it's really very difficult.But Xiaobian has a very safe and useful skill,that is,clean your teeth seriously!
  Here,I recommend a"humble"toothpaste inside Watsons to my friends.It is often wasted because of its low cost.It can eliminate tooth yellows and dirt,and make people breathe more fresh.This is a new method of dental care,providing a very good shelter for your teeth.It uses natural formula.Since its launch,it has handled many people's yellow teeth and bad breath problems!
  One of the highlights of the ingredients is the application of food-grade baking soda and the adoption of a weak alkaline formula,which can smooth remove tooth stains,brush off large yellow teeth,and possess a strong cleaning talent.The ingredients of baking soda and Tianqi can effectively nourish teeth and prevent tooth damage.It can also prevent dental caries and gradually improve the problem of tooth sensitivity.
  This baking soda toothpaste is used to treat bad breath by adding natural mint formula.Brushing your teeth once in the morning can make you energetic all day long.Moreover,this fresh formula is very soft and non-irritating.It can penetrate between teeth without dead corners.Even if the teeth are very sensitive,friends are also completely able to calm down and dare to use.Secondly,its plan is also very attentive.Generally speaking,it is easy to squeeze the toothpaste into the water and the atmosphere,and pollute the paste.Its pumping plan can also effectively cut off the entry of bacteria and water.Light pressure is appropriate,and will not lead to extravagance!
  And this product's friendship for the"big yellow teeth"left by smoking and those who often drink strong tea and coffee can help improve the pigmentation left by tea and candy.After application,the teeth are smooth and shiny,especially clean and comfortable,and all people look exquisite and have temperament.
  The capacity is very large.One bottle can be used for three bottles.Generally,the toothpaste can only be used for one month,and this toothpaste can be used for at least three months.It is cost-effective.If you want to improve your tooth condition,Xiaobian strongly recommends that friends test this baking soda toothpaste!
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