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How to choose the scale removal equipment for the gymnasium

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Note: How to choose the scale removal equipment for the gymnasium?Scale removal has become a point of great concern, especiall
 How to choose the scale removal equipment for the gymnasium? Scale removal has become a point of great concern, especially in gymnasiums that provide services for sports people, so what are the special scale removal equipment for gymnasiums? How about the descaling effect?

In fact, scale is something that will appear in our daily life. In ordinary times, this small detail will not be noticeable, but in large service places such as stadiums, once scale appears, it will affect the customer experience and the image of the hall, and in serious cases, it will be closed because of health problems.



At present, there are many methods of descaling used in the gymnasium. The following are more commonly used:


1, silicon phosphorus crystal


Silicon phosphorus crystal is by changing the water substructure to achieve the purpose of scale prevention, the advantage is simple operation, one-time investment is less, but many disadvantages, for example, the amount of dosage is not controllable, not suitable for high temperature water and high hardness water, the market is too much false silicon phosphorus crystal, unsafe.


2. Soften the resin


By adding salt, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced, so as to avoid scaling when the water temperature rises. The advantage of this method is that the process is relatively mature, and the hardness of water can be reduced to 0, but the disadvantage is that the salt consumption is large, and a large amount of salt wastewater will be produced, and the effect of scale inhibition is not stable due to the influence of water pressure, hardness, temperature and other factors. In addition, the treated water will be bitter.



Both of the two commonly used methods have shortcomings, so is there a good scale inhibition effect and cost saving environmental scale remover? Some!


Intelligent scale prevention and control machine! The scale inhibitor approved by the State Health Supervision Bureau for water-related products is used, and the water treatment agent is automatically put into the pipeline to remove scale and prevent scale. In the face of high hardness water and high temperature water project can also reach 98% scale inhibition rate, simple installation late without manual guard.



This intelligent scale prevention and control machine is suitable for scale removal of large units such as schools, hospitals, bath centers, and can adapt to the high demand of water consumption in gymnasiums!

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