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An aunt in Suzhou went out for a trip and left her house to her niece to take care of it. When she c

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Note:   In this era of fast pace of life,people's life pressure is also increasing.After the pressure increases,large cities
  In this era of fast pace of life,people's life pressure is also increasing.After the pressure increases,large cities of face people choose a few ways to relieve the pressure,some will exercise their body to relieve the pressure,and some people's relaxed skills are to choose to go out for sightseeing.
  Although sightseeing is no longer the exclusive right of young people nowadays,there will also be people who choose to go out to make their life more colorful.
  Recently,there is such an interesting thing.Aunt Suzhou wants to retire and stay at home.She also wants to go out to see all kinds of scenery on the surface,but the offspring are not around.What can we do with the house at home?
  When people are not at home,even if they lock the door,there is no valuable equipment.However,they can't calm down after walking for so many days.So they want to give the house key to our niece.It happens that the niece is also on holiday today,so she agrees.But what's unexpected is that when the eldest mother returns,she found that our house has changed its appearance,and almost didn't recognize it.What is that?
  Originally,my aunt is a person who doesn't care about her appearance at ordinary times.The family can see it before.She doesn't use much psychology to tidy up the family,so the family probably doesn't look tidy.However,this niece is a person who loves to be clean,so she helped to get rid of it while she was away.Unexpectedly,the messy home has become tidy and clean,and my aunt can hardly recognize it,Let's take a look at how our nieces are organized and collected,
  We all know that there will be cracks in the kitchen tiles after they have been used for a long time.The cracks in the kitchen tiles that we often see are easy to get moldy and black at the edge of the sink.No matter how we clean them,they are black.It takes time to clean them and is very humiliating.This aunt's kitchen tiles also encountered similar questions,so her niece chose the beauty sewing agent,because its waterproof and mildew prevention are guaranteed,Even if it has been used for a long time,it will not dispel the worries about blackening and mildew.It will look even more beautiful.You can control it by yourself.
  Aunt porridge simply put all the equipment on the table.It really takes up a lot of space.It looks dirty and messy.So we should reasonably use every space.This kind of double-layer storage rack can store a lot of seasoning,oil smoke,soy sauce and vinegar,and can simply put it on the corner of the kitchen stove.It doesn't take up any space.The stove looks much more tidy and beautiful.In addition,we can also use the kitchen sink,It is also possible to store a small number of pots,bowls and kitchenware that are not often used.This will not only save a lot of space,but also not infect dust and oil smoke!
  The kitchen is a space with both water and oil.It is very necessary to place floor mats.When selecting floor mats,we should select cotton mats with excellent absorption function to prevent water and oil from entering the living area.This kitchen floor mat is very suitable for use in the kitchen.Its color is deep,and it will not be particularly obvious after being dirty.It only needs to be cleaned on schedule.It is very suitable.
  Citric acid is a very common cleaning product in our life.Because it has natural plant purification,it can help you handle many household chores.
  If friends see it in the supermarket at ordinary times,it is very good to suggest or buy some bags home.
  Citric acid has a great advantage in household life:scale removal
  Add citric acid into the water,and then put the relatively large amount of water scale into the shower bubble,and the water scale can be removed after standing for a period of time.
  At the same time,you can also soak the face towel in lemon solution for a while,and then use it to wipe the stainless steel around the corner.
  Citric acid can also remove the scale from the kettle,and the result is very good.If you need it,you can test it.
  Pot bottom decontamination cream
  Everyone's home is very small and has to have two pots for use.Even if there are two pots,they can't stand the corrosion of oil stains.The bottom of the pot is covered with a thick layer of black ash and dirt,which will not only cause the iron pot to be heated unevenly,but also affect the pot's service life.
  My pot also has the same question.It is very difficult to liquidate every time.Wiping it with a steel wire ball will scratch the pot,but it can't be wiped off with other instruments.My colleague recommended a detergent for the bottom of the pot when I was worried.
  According to my colleague's statement,the bottom decontamination cream is specially designed to clean the bottom of the pot.I only need to apply the bottom decontamination cream to the dirty bottom of the pot,and gently wipe it with a sponge to remove the old stains accumulated on the bottom of the pot
  This rabbit「force stainless steel cleaning cream is extracted from plants,and the cleaning results are outstanding.only by wiping it,it can be shiny and fresh!
  It is a new cleaning method.The operation process is extremely simple.It only needs to be wiped with cleaning cream to make it clean and shiny,making the hygiene in the kitchen cleaner.
  Because stainless steel cleaning cream is multifunctional,it can not only help you solve the kitchen oil problem,but also clean the scale and stubborn stains on the glass.
  1.Wipe it gently,and the stain will disappear all over the house
  In order to verify the application results of cleaning cream,I prepared a stainless steel pot that has been used for many years!
  Dip some clean cream with clean cotton,and then you can quickly clean.Usually,you can wipe the dirty bottom of the pot for half an hour.Today,it only takes more than ten minutes to quickly handle it without leaving any trace of staleness.
  When I saw such a strong cleaning result,I was really moved.I didn't want to clean such a difficult pot,so I just gave it away a few times.
  Don't be afraid of the stubborn stains on the range hood.Any thick stain can help you clean.
  With the same technique,after sticking the cleaning cream,simply brush it on the top.The whole process is very simple,and even the money for the gentleman can be saved.
  The kitchen sink is also a catastrophe in our life.Looking at the greasy pool every day,I believe you have no mood for cooking.
  Flush the interior with water,and then wipe it with clean cream.
  The clean ability of the stove is also short,long and good.In the past,we used rags to wipe the foundation without using fruit.On the contrary,we will find that the dirtier the environment is,and it will also endanger your skin.
  After applying stainless steel cleaning cream,let's see the results.Do you think it is particularly strange?
  2.Toilet cleaning is also very simple
  The dirt in the bathroom is always similar to that in the kitchen.After bathing every day,if the mirror is full of scale,will you still stand in front of the mirror and stink?
  Use stainless steel cleaning cream to clean and gently wipe it to make your bathroom clean and shiny.
  The water stains on the top of stainless steel are really bright after being wiped with cleaning cream!
  3.only in clean places can we apply it!
  In order to prove the diversity of cleansing cream!First,clean the novice shoes.First,put a little cleaning cream on the top,and then continue to clean them.
  Even the dirt on the car can help you clean it.You don't need to send the car to the 4S store for polishing!
  4.Super durable,save money,labor and protect hands
  Generally,cleaning can only be targeted at a certain category,which is limited to the next station.However,the application of stainless steel cleaning cream can help you quickly solve the cleaning problems in your home.
  The amount of cleaning used every day is very low.It only takes a little to clean it.Usually,the cooking stove is wiped every day,and the faucet is the same as the new one.It feels like a box of housework contracted for a year!And the decontamination power is very strong,the links have no pungent taste,the very links do not hurt the hands,and the hands do not dry and wrinkle after use.
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