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After staying for two years, I found that the "Internet red goods" that I thought were chi

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Note:   Japanese AISEN long-handle toilet brush,soft hair toilet brush,toilet cleaning brush,toilet cleaning brush,and the i
  Japanese AISEN long-handle toilet brush,soft hair toilet brush,toilet cleaning brush,toilet cleaning brush,and the inside of the toilet cleaning brush.When Nethong household products become popular,people first blindly follow the trend.When they see who has what high-tech products,they also rush to buy one.Especially after hearing the recommendation of stars and bloggers,we seem to be unable to grasp their purchasing desire.I'm afraid I can't grab it.However,when comparing with the goods,we will find that,Numerous online celebrity products are relatively"chicken ribs",which can not promote the sense of satisfaction,but cause many problems.
  In this issue,I will send my friends to stock the applicable home online shopping items,which I found after two years of stay.I have handled many problems with my sponsorship.I will share it with my friends below,and I hope to sponsor you.
  1.Citric acid scale remover
  When friends are clean and sanitary,don't let the dirt on the glass and mirror slip away,especially in the bathroom where you need to pay attention.
  Due to long-term application,you will find many stubborn scale in mirrors,glass,stainless steel,etc.,which not only affects the environment of the home,but also is very difficult to clean.
  Many people use detergent on appointments,but the ancient detergent is not easy to use,and some will emit unpleasant odor.Every time,a large amount of detergent needs to be spent,and then the window needs to be opened for ventilation,otherwise the bathroom is not allowed to enter.
  If you have no good way to deal with scale,I recommend you to apply[citric acid scale remover]here!
  At that time,I bought one at home,and the result is really very strange.Because it is pure natural plant Yinghua,you can use it without peculiar smell,which is very convenient.
  Take out an appropriate amount of citric acid and put it in a container,and then put it into 500ml of hot water.Such a simple detergent can be made.Is it very convenient?
  Let's spray it on the place with scale,and then let it stand for a period of time,and then wipe it off with a wet rag.Let's see the actual results along the way.It's really not too strange,just like the new one.
  2.Environment-friendly wet toilet paper
  The roll paper used at home is generally relatively rough.Generally,I will have a little pain when I use it.A small colleague at home,like an old man,will even wipe my buttocks red by chance,which can not properly clean,but also make my PP suffer.
  At the same time,for a few"people with sores",it is really painful.It is difficult to endure.There is no way to start.
  If there is no intelligent toilet in the home that can wash PP,you can choose"environment-friendly wet toilet paper",which is very gentle and does not hurt your skin.At the same time,its degradable material is also healthy and environmentally friendly.It will not cause toilet infarction when thrown into the toilet,which is more comfortable than ordinary paper towels in application.
  After my own application,I really think it is very gentle,it does not hurt the skin at all,and it is relatively gentle to use.Even if I wipe it hard,I will not feel sad.It is also a good news about the"people with sores"of small colleagues,and there is no discomfort.At the same time,its ultra-pure water,raw wood pulp and sterile ingredients,double health and hygiene,will not cause a little doubt on the body,and will not be rich in bacteria,Wiping is not clean.
  Really,after using this,using dry toilet paper is really unacceptable!
  3.Sweeping robot
  It is believed that where many household sweeping machines are placed to hide dust,which is one of the reasons why the smart household sweeping machines,which are called"free hands",are continuously controversial.
  Many people have purchased sweeping robots and returned.They have found many disadvantages in their daily applications,such as the things that the earth can't do,the exclusion of running around,the exclusion of being in one place every time,the exclusion of being unclean,and so on.Therefore,the conclusion of sweeping robots is chicken ribs.
  After the decoration of the house,considering that we have to go to work in our daily life and the time for cleaning is limited,we decided to use sweeping robots to sponsor cleaning.Even chicken ribs should be tested.
  After comparing with the real application of the sweeping robot,I found that since it was used,the clean earth was very reassuring.
  Before going to work every day,configure the sweeping robot to clean the whole house automatically.For example,when I go home,I clean the land with a mop about two times,and the land will be completely clean.
  4.Multi-effect cleaning cream
  During the cleaning work,many people are using steel wire balls.The pots and pans at home are brushed with steel wire balls every time.Over time,there will be many scratches,which will become difficult to wash,and more bacteria will flourish,affecting the health of the family!Therefore,it is recommended not to apply it,
  Nowadays,we are all using[Multi-purpose Cleansing Cream].After using the black pot to remove black and rust,we can recover the very original light.When used,we don't worry about hurting our hands and make people calm!
  The great advantage of the multi-purpose cleaning cream is that it is extremely powerful in decontamination.No matter the scratch or dirt on the pot,you only need to wipe it once,and the old pot will become a new one!
  Personal suggestion:I am not used to wearing gloves every time I wash the pot.When I apply the cleaning cream,my hands are not dangerous and there is no stimulation at all.It really makes me very congee!
  This rabbit「force stainless steel cleaning cream is extracted from plants,and the cleaning results are outstanding.only by wiping it,it can be shiny and fresh!
  It is a new cleaning method.The operation process is extremely simple.It only needs to be wiped with cleaning cream to make it clean and shiny,making the hygiene in the kitchen cleaner.
  Because stainless steel cleaning cream is multifunctional,it can not only help you solve the kitchen oil problem,but also clean the scale and stubborn stains on the glass.
  1.Wipe it gently,and the stain will disappear all over the house
  In order to verify the application results of cleaning cream,I prepared a stainless steel pot that has been used for many years!
  Dip some clean cream with clean cotton,and then you can quickly clean.Usually,you can wipe the dirty bottom of the pot for half an hour.Today,it only takes more than ten minutes to quickly handle it without leaving any trace of staleness.
  When I saw such a strong cleaning result,I was really moved.I didn't want to clean such a difficult pot,so I just gave it away a few times.
  Don't be afraid of the stubborn stains on the range hood.Any thick stain can help you clean.
  With the same technique,after sticking the cleaning cream,simply brush it on the top.The whole process is very simple,and even the money for the gentleman can be saved.
  The kitchen sink is also a catastrophe in our life.Looking at the greasy pool every day,I believe you have no mood for cooking.
  Flush the interior with water,and then wipe it with clean cream.
  The clean ability of the stove is also very good.In the past,we used rags to wipe the foundation without any effect.On the contrary,we will find that the dirtier the environment is,and it will also endanger your skin.
  After applying stainless steel cleaning cream,let's see the results.Do you think it is particularly strange?
  The amount of cleaning used every day is very low.It only takes a little to clean it.Usually,when you finish cleaning the kitchen every day,the faucet is the same as the new one.It feels like a box of housework contracted for a year!And the decontamination power is very strong,the links have no pungent taste,the very links do not hurt the hands,and the hands do not dry and wrinkle after use.
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