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Solar water heater descaling method, diy save money and effortless

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Note: Modern family almost every household use solar water heater, but a lot of people do not know, solar water heater is the
 Modern family almost every household use solar water heater, but a lot of people do not know, solar water heater is the need for regular cleaning. Because the magnesium ions dissolved in water, such as calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate, decompose in the process of heating. After releasing carbon dioxide, it will become insoluble calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, forming thick scale over time.


The harm of scale is not small. First of all, scale affects heating efficiency. Thick scale accumulation will directly lead to the increase of heating time and reduce the efficiency of water heater. Secondly, the accumulation of scale is easy to lead to the blockage of the connection between the upper and lower water pipes and the water tank, and the upper and lower water is not smooth, which affects the convenience of use. For some sensitive skin, it will also damage the skin. Scale accumulation affects the heat dissipation performance of vacuum tube, and even leads to the explosion of vacuum tube due to heat dissipation. So, clean scale regularly, can prolong service life already, still can reduce wash bath cost.


Today, the chief of the wei xiaobao consulting master, will teach you how to manually clean the scale of solar water heater.


1. Before descaling, we should first open the water inlet of the solar water heater, and then pour the descaling solution. The amount of descaling solution is decided according to the capacity of their own solar energy.


2. After the descaling liquid is poured in, turn on the water heater and circulate automatically for 30 minutes. At this time, the descaling liquid will permeate all parts of the water heater evenly.


3. Open the drain of the water heater, discharge the descaling liquid, pour in the clean water again, and discharge the dirty water after the automatic circulation of the water heater.


4. Pull out the vacuum tube of the solar water heater, pour out the scale in the vacuum tube, pour the descaling liquid into the vacuum tube, and clean the vacuum tube for several times until the scale is completely cleaned. When cleaning the vacuum tube, be careful not to knock off the bulge at the bottom of the tube. If you do, the tube will be useless.


5. Reinstall the vacuum tube, turn on the water heater, add water and clean again until the water is clear.


Finally, the long to remind everyone is that the water heater is best cleaned every 2-3 years, too often will cause damage to the tank. In addition, descaling solution do not choose pharmaceutical descaling, may corrode the water tank of water heater, the oxidation of the tank liner is poor, thus accelerating the aging of the tank, reducing the service life of the water heater.

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