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Let me be frank: these cleaning products that are "belittled" by everyone are actually &qu

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Note:   There is a very interesting sign in the evaluation of a few popular online household products.Some people say it is
  There is a very interesting sign in the evaluation of a few popular online household products.Some people say it is a magic weapon,which greatly improves the sense of life satisfaction.Some people say that it is a waste product,useless at all,and purely a cheater.Why is the experience of the same product different after application?
  For example,like the hot squeeze toothpaste,some people eulogize it with a little problem weapon,saying that it is free and can be used as a special object for storage and rectification.It is beautiful,modern and easy to use.Some people think it is an"IQ tax".It is not convenient to use it.The whitening toothpaste is all pasted inside.
  In fact,the acceptance of this kind of goods can not be felt.On the one hand,the seller's advocacy and planning emphasize his words.On the other hand,it looks like the goods are similar,but the quality is much worse.Especially in the current popularity of live broadcasting,it is easy to buy inappropriate items because of their appearance when they are not smart enough to buy things in the live broadcasting room.
  But not all objects are the same.Many explosive household accessories are actually very effective.In addition to character and planning,manipulation skills are also very tense.!
  Scale remover
  The drinking water of my friends has alkali.When I boil water at home,I use it.Every time I leave a lot of stains in the teapot.So the cleaning of the teapot is a problem that we are very upset about.The teapot in the Shuofang area is easy to get dirty because the water contains too much alkali.Pingju uses a brush to wash the inner cavity of the teapot every time it is used up,which is not necessarily neat.Sodium citrate scale remover is a dirt remover,and then add 1-2 bags of this product to dissolve in it.First put boiling water into a pot and put it for 30-1 hour.The length of time depends on the degree of stain.
  Fish scale rag
  My first thought is that there are still so many kinds of towels to be made,no more than a towel!Gradually I felt ordinary,but I didn't expect it would be too fragrant after use.The big difference from ordinary towels is that the texture and texture of their surface are very similar to fish scales.It is true that people who go to the kitchen often encounter such difficulties:the kitchen range in the restaurant kitchen,especially around the range hood,will always have sticky oil stains,and the sink will have dirt,which can't be wiped clean no matter how.It is only necessary to wet it and dry it to scrub all kinds of dirt.Remember that it is necessary to dry a little before applying,otherwise the risk will be applied to the actual results.
  Stainless steel cleaning paste
  The cleaning cream developed by the profession for the stainless steel plate in the home has a wide range of application platforms and is non-toxic and does not damage the hands.The set pot is getting dirtier and dirtier because it is permanently eroded by oil stains.You can also try this cleaning cream.It uses the natural herbal secret recipe.The various kinds of pots in the home will become black and rusty after being used for a long time.This bottom pot clearing weapon can remove rust,clear,polish,and be as bright as new after application.
  Mildew removing gel
  To cope with a variety of mold,whether it is mold in the space between the floor tiles,mold in the rubber ring of the automatic washing machine,or mold in the sealing strip of the refrigerator,it is only necessary to wipe it gently to help you reasonably remove mold.
  The link is that if you paint it once,the place will not become moldy again in a short time.It is cost-effective to save the old capital.Initiate a bottle at home!
  [Sharp mouth plan,more convenient for actual operation]
  To deal with stubborn mold,it is natural to treat it according to the symptoms.Weiliang Mildew Removal Gel is especially added with sodium hydroxide solution,which can be used to count it at the root of the deep grade mold with the gel.
  ▼Liquidation is not tiresome,and it can eliminate both new and old mold with a brush
  Related to its manipulation skills,the reality is as follows:
  Wipe the moldy upper layer with a dry towel like squeezing water,completely conceal a few 3mm moldy upper layer and wait for 4-8 hours.During the period,the moldy upper layer can not be heated after being exposed to water,and can be wrapped in a fresh-keeping bag until no mold can be seen.Wipe it neatly with cold water and towel.
  It is important to pay special attention to the use of metal aluminum,and it is unnecessary to get close to the open fire and prevent the sun from shining,and a few non-ferrous plate clothes are also not accessible.
  Even the"old mold"that accumulates forever is also easy to loosen!There is no fear of the gray and black dirt accumulated in the kitchen sink and the shower room.With this good mildew remover,everything is gone!It is really a photo that has to be applied in the previous wave.
  Safe and non-toxic,tranquil application
  After being tested by reliable institutions in China,this product is harmless,and its sterilization rate reaches 99.98%.It can reasonably eliminate yellow mold and black mold,and its application is more secure.
  All ingredients are reliable.Lysozyme is a pure natural enzyme separated from organisms.It is safe and environmentally friendly and has no drug resistance;
  The antibacterial ingredients are all pure green plant ingredients,which do not increase all the stimulating ingredients,and the body can be touched immediately.
  The result of mold removal was recognized
  It was emphasized that its talkers could not believe that the customers'opinions and reactions to five-star praise were more influential,and that most of them were strongly recommended by the meeting owners,and the number of users who bought twice reached 88%.
  For such a safe and reasonable anti-mildew gel,you should keep several cans of it at home,which will not add a few hairs a day,and give you a neat and comfortable home.
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