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Chemistry in detergent

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Note:   Scale,commonly known asscale,refers to the crystal formed by the continuous accumulation of impurities in the natura
  Scale,commonly known as"scale",refers to the crystal formed by the continuous accumulation of impurities in the natural water inside and outside the boiler,which is usually white or yellow-white.important ingredients include calcium carbonate,magnesium carbonate,magnesium hydroxide,calcium sulfate,magnesium sulfate,calcium chloride,magnesium chloride,etc.The thermal conductivity of the scale is poor.If the scale in the boiler is too thick,it will cause the boiler to obey the low pressure.If the scale is heavy,it will cause the boiler to burst and cause the boiler to become chaotic.After the scale is caused,it should be eliminated by using machine or chemical techniques in real time.What are the skills of spicy food to remove scale?
  There are several key cleaning techniques for scale:
  (1)Remove scale with dilute hydrochloric acid.Pour dilute hydrochloric acid into the water and stagger evenly.After soaking the scale with hydrochloric acid,the scale can be removed very quickly.Finally,clean it with clean water.The feedback reason is as follows:(analysis of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide as important components of scale)
  It should be noted that because the carbonate and dilute hydrochloric acid will produce gas when fed back,the cover cannot be closed during flushing,otherwise there will be a risk of explosion.
  (2)Remove scale from vinegar.The important ingredient of vinegar is acetic acid,which can produce chemical feedback with scale.If scale is produced by boiling a kettle,you can put a few spoons of vinegar into the water,and heat it for 1 to 2 hours,and the scale will be removed.The feedback reason is as follows:
  (3)Lemon descaling.Lemon contains a large amount of citric acid,which can transform the insoluble materials in the scale into soluble substances.It can also fill the kettle with lemon flavor while removing the scale.Put the slice of lemon into the kettle(the thinner the slice of lemon,the more citric acid will be released),wait for the water to boil for 5 minutes,and then put the lemon in the water for 2 minutes to remove the scale in the kettle.
  (4)Soda and baking soda remove scale.When boiling water in an aluminum kettle containing scale,put 1 teaspoon of baking soda and boil for a few minutes to remove the scale.If the important component in the scale of the steam boiler is calcium sulfate,which is difficult to wash because it is difficult to dissolve in acid,it can be treated with saturated soda solution,and then diluted hydrochloric acid can be used to remove the scale.The feedback reason is as follows:
  (5)Scale cleaner removes scale.The key components of common scale cleaner for common drinking fountains areβ-Hydroxy malonic acid,white particles or powder,is safe,non-toxic and environmentally friendly.This scale cleaner is convenient to use and has good results,and is suitable for household use.
  (6)Scale removal by membrane separation.Nanofiltration membrane(NF)and anti-secretory membrane(RO)can block calcium and magnesium ions in water,so as to lower the hardness of falling water.The results of scale removal by membrane separation are obvious and consolidated,and the application of treated water is limited.However,there is a high demand for inlet water pressure,and the equipment investment and operation cost are high.
  (7)Ion exchange descaling method.Special cation exchange resin is adopted to replace calcium and magnesium ions in water with sodium ions.Because the sodium salt has a high degree of ablation,it can avoid scale production due to temperature rise.
  Countless scale is harmless to human body,but it is the natural enemy of steam cooker,electric kettle and other equipment.Therefore,we should clear the boiling utensils on schedule in order to survive more safely and healthily.
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