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Hot water boiler descaling, electronic descaler to help

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Note:   The application of hot water steam boiler will cause scale,and the removal of scale is required.The hot water steam
  The application of hot water steam boiler will cause scale,and the removal of scale is required.The hot water steam boiler should focus on anti-scaling,and its water quality should be appropriately disposed according to the boiler and water,and reach the national standard to prevent scaling.The best way to remove the scale and prevent the scale of the hot water steam boiler is to remove the scale by electronic descaler.
  The steam boiler and hot water boiler in parallel operation,no matter what method is adopted,must be able to stop all the steam and water pipes that are consistent with them before the scale removal.This will improve the safety factor.However,if scale is formed in the steam boiler,it should also be removed in real time to avoid the aftermath of chaos.At present,the most important methods to remove scale are machine descaling and chemical descaling.Chemical descaling can also be divided into alkali cleaning and acid cleaning.
  1.Machine descaling
  It is necessary to close the pipe washer,scraper,blade and other objects,and occasionally carry out machine cleaning by hydraulic flushing.This method is relatively simple with low cost,but the task intensity is large,the descaling result is poor,and the metal appearance is easy to be damaged.It is only suitable for small and medium-sized steam boilers with small scale removal area and simple layout,which is convenient for the machine object to shovel scale.
  2.Acid cleaning and descaling
  Hydrochloric acid is often added with corrosion inhibitor,and occasionally added with fluoride,appearance active agent and other additives for acid cleaning.Acid cleaning is relatively thorough in removing the scale of carbonated water and iron rust in the gas-fired hot water steam boiler,but it is not good for sulfate and silicate scale.Therefore,it is necessary to carry out scale removal in conjunction with alkali boiling transformation.
  3.Electronic descaler flushing
  The electronic scale remover uses physical electric pulse to remove the scale crystals with viscosity in the pipeline.It does not need to cut the pipeline equipment,nor need to add hydrochloric acid and other chemical physics.The advantage of the electronic scale remover is that it does not need to stop work and stop production.Simply bind the pulse belt to the outer wall of the pipeline and power it on.Always use the electronic scale remover to make the inner wall of the pipeline produce a layer of carbonic acid protective film,So as to achieve the result of scale inhibition and rust removal.
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