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Wet cleaning equipment engineer

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Updated 2021-08-25 Valid until Never Expire
Job description: 1. Responsible for the installation and debugging of machine in WET area, daily maintenance and common troubleshooting, and reasonable maintenance according to production requirements; 2. Maintain the stability of the equipment, reduce the process defects and improve the yield; 3. Improve equipment performance and continuously improve production efficiency; 4. Assist process engineer to do new process commissioning and machine installation commissioning, and deliver on time to meet production capacity requirements; 5. Do ESH safety affairs and cost control and evaluate new materials according to new process requirements; 6. Write PM Oi and SOP of WET related machine. 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering; Mechanical, electrical automation major is preferred, CET 4 or above; 2. Familiar with Office software such as Excel, Microsoft Word, etc. At least 2 years working experience in 300mm FAB equipment, familiar with DNS FC3100SU3200SS3200, LAM DVPEOS, TEL CertasCellesta and other 300mm WET models is preferred, experience in new machine installation and debugging is preferred; 4. Accept the equipment engineer night shift and shift system, and can develop in Wuhan steadily for a long time; 5. Team player, self-motivated, good communication skills.
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